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Welcome to disney_mirrors! This community is primarily a mirror-based community to tell you which Disney characters you look most like. Your main application will be which of the original princesses you look like: Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White or Tiana. From there, we will have monthly themes from Live Action to Sequels. Have fun! :)
Rules & Application

1. NO bashing or saying anything remotely mean about someone's appearance! If you do, you will seriously be banned.
2. Please vote for EVERY unstamped application. Not only is it common courtesy, but how can you expect to get votes when you don't give them?
If you do not vote on all the unstamped applications like you are supposed to do--I don't care what the circumstances--you will get a tag on your application saying "!donotvote". This will let the other users know not to vote on your application until you have voted on the other applications before yours.
3. Try not to vote for someone just based off their ethnicity.
4. Sheep-voting is not tolerated! If you wish to screen your application to be more accurate, that is completely fine with me.
5. To know that you've read the rules before you put up an application, please write "mirror, mirror on the wall" for your subject line.
6. Compliments are welcome and appreciated for any applications!
7. LJ-CUTS!!
8. NO nudity or inappropriate pictures!
9. No cosplay or pictures of you dressed up like a certain princess.

You must first be stamped with a main application before participating in the monthly themes.
Regular STAMPS
The application is very simple-
Please include at least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

Suggestions/Questions are located HERE! I am always looking for new theme ideas! :)
Themes are located HERE